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Niels Feijen was born in Belgium in 1991. Being brought up in a family with a musical background he started his own music career at the early age of 14. At a certain point he had to choose between sports and music and made a very wise decision to follow his true passion. One of…

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Rafi Khan has always had a profound interest in electronic music. As she started visiting Belgian nightclubs at an early age, her enthusiasm for the nightlife and her urge to explore the art of mixing grew. About a decade ago, she got started with vinyl and her first adventures kicked off with mid 2000’s progressive-based…

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From a young age BYAS was always very obsessed with music, finding those new tunes, not really clinging to a particular genre. Later on this obsession turned into passion when he learned to use turntables at the age of 17 and he went more into underground house & techno. Playing for some small parties and…

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Subconscious is an electronic music producer from Antwerp. He’s love for music and being creative with it started already as a young boy, when he started to play some tunes on his granddad’s old organ, played some guitar and even jammed around with a djembe. At the age of 15 he was introduced by a…

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A new Antwerp based techno duo. When two DJ’s and friends combine their passion for electronic music, you get something special. Because they are both settled in the underground scene for already some years, under different names, they are used to stand in front of a crowd. As they played big time festivals like Tomorrowland…

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KOKO has slowly made his way into the scene with performances at the Puntigen Dreihoek-parties in his hometown but also at Club Vaag (Antwerp), Jardim (Antwerp) and Barvista (Leuven). He eventually got picked up by Bots Bats to join their resident team which gave him the opportunity to play at Faces (Antwerp) a couple of…

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